1. Tom Lynn is an exceptional professor who not only brings his martial arts expertise to the mats, but also his own personal experiences. He is the type of individual who leads by example, possesses ability, motivation and an attitude that only few have and many desire. He is very thorough and methodical in his teachings, he not only ensures that as a student you learn the mechanics of every move, but also the resoning behind it. He is a true students of the arts.
    Christian Guzman
  2. Having the opportunity to train and learn from an amazing professor and person like Tom Lynn has had a huge effect on my development as a jiu jitsu athlete and as a person. His experience on mix martial arts and specially in jiu jitsu gives him a unique perspective that is hard to find in many instructors. Anyone who is able to spend some time at the dojo with him is a very fortunate person. Oss!
    Marco Prado
  3. This is the place! Training and teaching by someone not only incredibly skilled, but passionate about what he brings. ..is there any better place? A lifetime of experience in martial arts passed down from father to son and shared with you. What a gift. This is the place!
    Brenda Beach
  4. Academy of Martial Arts is one of its kind. There are many Martial Arts schools out there today simply because we know we live in a world where self defense is vital. Tom Lynn's credentials, techniques, and history in the world of Martial Arts are extensive. You're walking into a school of great respect, unmatched discipline, and vigorous techniques. Being a Father, Husband, Brother, Friend, and Instructor, Tom has demonstrated us all what a true Samurai is. Everytime I roll, or train with the students, it's guaranteed learning and therefore guaranteeing preparedness for the real world. Blessed to be a part in Academy of Martial Arts.
    Ernesto Frye
  5. Professor Tom Lynn has a lifetime of martial arts knowledge, plus his patience towards teaching its second to none. As we know every individual has different speed of learning. He is also a family man, who makes sure his school has a friendly family environment too. I highly recommend Tom and The Academy of Martial Arts, you won't regret it!!! Start your journey today under the guidance of Professor Tom Lynn!
    Alexei Pompa
  6. The amount of knowledge and guidance that professor Tom Lynn Jr provides as an instructor is incredible! This is definitely the place to go to if you want to grow as a martial artist. Great vibe and family friendly as well!
    Raymond Almodovar
  7. I have been blessed to train with professor Tom Lynn now for several years. He has truly helped me in the evolution of my jiujitsu game. Not only is he a great martial artist, he also promotes the values of being a great leader, family man and friend. He is selfless when it comes to sharing his knowledge of martial arts and in the caring of his fellow team members and students.
    Alex Angel
  8. This place will be the game changer for a lot of students as they will have an amazing opportunity to train with a very well experienced trainer like Tom Lynn which martial arts is something that runs in his blood. As a former pro MMA fighter & still friend he changed my life for the better as on a day to day basis he instilled in me Respect, Self Happiness. If you want your kids to have a place where they will learn the value of Honor & HARDWORK ethic in the sense of Martial arts look no further. He is a high level martial artist with self experience in many roots of the sport aside from being a humble family man. This will be the place I want my kids learning from...
    Gabriel Varona